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8/31/11 – “The Dangerous Spirit of Rebellion” V – All Rebellion Disrespects All Authority


Wednesday in the Word

August 31, 2011


“Authority and Submission”


The Dangerous Spirit of Rebellion V

(All Rebellion Disrespects All Authority)



  1. Authority…
    1. Delegated power.
    2. One operating in the ability of another without which there can be no order.
    3. God’s business is the Church.
  2. Rebellion…
    1. Resistance to lawful (ordained) authority.
    2. The inward disdain of being accountable to leaders or spiritual authorities.
  3. Submission…
    1. Comfortably under the mission or assignment of another being used by God or man.
  4. Obedience…
    1. Learned behavior to internally comply with demands and commands; to yield.
    2. Obedience is the key to long term productivity.
    3. A calculated deliberate choice to carry out the will of God.
  5. Accountability…
    1. Answerable to a superior.
    2. A state of giving answers of personal activities and presence.
    3. A record of individual’s events capable of being explained.
    4. Accountability is the real proof of submission.
  6. Independent spirit…
    1. Preserves individual thoughts, decisions, and feelings.
    2. They are detached from the plan and path of God because of individual motives and desires.
  7. Pride…
    1. A high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, merit, superiority, or importance whether as cherished in the mind or displayed in the conduct.


  • Observations regarding rebellion…
  1. Just as all authority is related to other authority, all rebellion is interrelated.
  2. Rebellion does not regard any class of authority.
  3. Rebellion is the unwillingness to be ruled by any source other than self (self ruled).
  4. Our attitude toward Christ as Lord is directly associated with our attitude toward other authority.
    1. You cannot disrespect authority and claim Christ as your Lord.
    2. For most Christians, Christ is their Savior and Satan is their Lord.
      1. A savior is a person who saves, rescues and delivers.
      2. A Lord is one who has authority, control or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.
      3. When Jesus becomes your Lord, you have made the decision not to walk in rebellion.
    3. Jesus cannot be fully Lord over the person who harbors rebellion toward any authority.
      1. Romans 13:1-2


  1.          I.            Satan promotes rebellion because he knows God’s plan for your life.
    1. II Corinthians 3:18 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
      1. God’s plan is to move every believer from one degree of glory to another.   However, progressing from glory to glory is impossible when you rebel.
      2. Glory is symbolic of a scale; which literally mean God steps on the scale of your life to tip it in your direction.
      3. The objective of Satan is to defer, through rebellion, the glorious lifestyle God has planned for the believer.
    2. 5 questions to determine if God is your Lord (leading to a glorious lifestyle)
      1. Am I doing all God has asked me to do?
      2. Have I done my life’s assignments the way He has instructed me?
      3. Am I professional and timely?
      4. What have I done to make my financial situation less than glorious?
      5. Am I doing all that can be done to make this stage of my life a shining example of the power of God; or am I presenting myself as a bleak performer and bringing embarrassment to the kingdom of God?
  2.         II.            Just as God is the source of all authority, Satan is the author of all rebellion.
    1. Isaiah 14:12-15
      1. Rebellion caused Satan to be renamed from Lucifer (son of the morning) to the devil and his eviction from heaven.
      2. In other words, Lucifer’s mindset was to be self-ruled; and his rebellion was so deceptive and successful that a third of God’s angels were also cast from heaven with him [becoming demons].
      3. The implication for the believer is that rebellion causes you to miss experiencing heaven while on earth.
      4. For example, when you rebel against God’s system of increase, God cannot show Himself strong on your behalf.
      5. In other words, until God becomes your Lord, you will never receive the benefit of His “weight”.
        1. II Chronicles 16:9

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