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8/5/12 – “The Bread of Life – The Sovereignty of God” IV – Dagon and the Four Lepers



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August 5, 2012

 The Bread of Life – The Sovereignty of God IV

(Where the Word of a King Is)


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August 5, 2012

 The Bread of Life – The Sovereignty of God IV

(Dagon and the Four Lepers)



  1. Sovereign or the sovereignty of God does not mean…
    1. That God is in control of the earth’s affairs.  God is only in control of those things He has given Himself control of.   In other words, God is limited by His word.
    2. It is not the sovereign will of God to kill any of His children (a misnomer often heard at funerals).  (Scripture reference – St. John 10:10, KJV, AMP)
  2. Sovereign or the sovereignty of God means…
    1. God can use anything and everything to work His purpose in the earth including your enemies.
      1. The sovereign God delivered the children of Israel from Egyptian slavery with the wealth of the Egyptians. (Scripture references – Exodus 3, 13, 14)
      2. The sovereign God blessed Lot from the overflow of Abram (known as the blessing of associations).  (Scripture references – Genesis 11, 12, 13)
    2. The power, status, or position to conduct business as He deem appropriate
    3. Possessing supreme or ultimate power
    4. Acting or doing independently without outside interference
    5. Possessing royal power or status



  1. Ecclesiastes 8:3-4
    1. An evil report is anything that disagrees with the parameters God has set around Him (which is His Word)
      1. Ten spies brought back an evil report in Numbers 13.
      2. Psalm 138:2
    2. This king has the sovereign power to do “whatsoever” he pleases.  In other words, whosoever or whatsoever are limitless terms which means there are no restrictions or boundaries to his authority.
      1. A king and the King (God) have the right to exercise their authority (to have what you say according to the word of God).
      2. Revelation 1:6
      3. Revelation 5:10
  2.          I.            The word of the sovereign King is supernatural
    1. St. John 6:1-13
      1. A sovereign God can take little and make much when you cooperate with the laws of the sovereign God.  For example, the principle of tithes and offerings connects you to the financial sovereignty of God.
      2. In I Kings 17, a widow woman connects to the sovereignty of God and is perpetually blessed.
      3. Romans 4:13
        1. God’s sovereign principle is designed to cause believers to become heirs of the world when we follow His laws.
    2. The sovereign God of Israel dethrones the god of Dagon
      1. I Samuel 5:1-4
        1. The ark of God represented the presence of God and a testimony of the sovereign God.
        2. The ark of God consisted of:
          1. Aaron’s rod that budded (yet not connected to a tree)
          2. A pot of manna (that God prepared in heaven that feed the children of Israel for forty years without spoilage)
          3. The two tablets of stone upon which Moses wrote the Ten Commandments
          4. The ark of God was stolen by the Philistines and taken to the house of Dagon (the god of the Philistines) believing the sovereign powers of God could be transferred to Dagon.  (verse 1)
          5. The sovereignty of the power of God overthrows the god of Dagon:
            1. Dagon falls prostrate in worship to God (verse 3)
            2. Dagon is lastly broken into pieces  (verse 4)
    3. Four lepers walking with the sovereign God
      1. II Kings 7:1-8
        1. Every time you hear the word of the Lord it’s connecting you to the sovereignty of God.  (verse 1)
        2. Elisha prophesies a supernatural turnaround by the sovereign God by tomorrow.  (verse 1)
        3. The four lepers moved on the word of the Lord at twilight into the camp of the Syrians.  (verse 5)
        4. The sovereignty of God “made” the camp of the Syrians to flee for their life leaving behind all their possessions to 4 lepers walking with the sovereign God.  (verses 6-8)
        5. Those that know His name and His sovereignty shall do great exploits.

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