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8/8/12 – “The Creation Stage” IV – The Primary Purpose of the 1st Chapter of Genesis




Tuesday in the Truth

August 7, 2012

 The Creation Stage V

(The Primary Purpose of the 1st Chapter of Genesis)


Wednesday in the Word

August 8, 2012

The Creation Stage IV

(The Primary Purpose of the 1st Chapter of Genesis)



  1.          I.  Genesis 1– An introduction into the power  and vastness of God.
    1. Verses 1-2: God creates the heaven and the earth. 
      1. To create – to cause something to come into being without a non-existing substance.  God created the planet with nothing but His word.
      2. To make – to cause things to come into being with an existing substance.
      3. God can create it or make it (whatever you need).
      4. For example, God created a way to His disciples by walking on the water.   (Scripture reference – St. John 6)
      5. God did not create the earth void and dark.  Satan’s transition into the earth contaminated the earth.
        1. Isaiah 14:12-13
        2. Ezekiel 28:11-17
        3. Isaiah 45:18
    2. Verses 3-5 – God creates light on the first day of creation and it is good.
      1. God speaks and light finds its way to the planet.
      2. The universe creates light from the spoken word of God.
    3. Verses 6-8 – God separates the water on the second day of creation.
    4. Verses 9-10 – God separates the waters and calls the dry land earth and it is good.
    5. Verses 11-13 – God creates plant life on the third day of creation and it is good.
      1. I Peter 1:23
      2. The word of God is incorruptible seed that’s capable of producing (whatever you are believing God for).
      3. God’s word can produce a harvest without time.  In other words, the word of God bypasses the natural order.
    6. Verses 14-19 – God creates the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day of creation and it is good.
    7. Verses 20-23 – The waters create fish and fowls on the fifth day of creation and it is good.
      1. The waters make fish and birds.
      2. When we understand who God is, we will begin to expect the miraculous.
      3. The Word will either create a way or make a way.
    8. Verses 24-25 – The earth brings forth the land creatures and it is good.
      1. The dirt (earth) formulates the living creatures.
    9. Verses 26-28 – God creates His crowning jewel [man] to dominate the earth.
      1. Because man was created in the image and likeness of God, man can create and make with God’s word just as God.
      2. Anything is possible in the realm of God.
    10. Verses 29-31 – On the sixth day of creating land creatures and man, God also gives man seed as his first gift and His creation is very good.
      1. Seed was the first gift God gave to man.
  2.         II.            The primary purpose of the 1st chapter of Genesis is to present truth about God; and to shape your framework of thinking about who God is and what He can do.
    1. God is self-existent
      1. Exodus 3:13-14
        1. God does not have an original cause.  He caused everything to exist.
        2. God does not need a record to do what He does.  He only needs His word.
        3. God is not controlled by time.
        4. You synchronize your faith with God in the present tense.  In other words, faith is always present tense represented by the phrase I am…
    2. God is eternal.  He has no beginning or end.
      1. Psalm 90:1-2
      2. St. John 1:1-3
        1. When the beginning came into existence, the Word was already here.
    3. God is greater than the universe (greater than natural laws and order).  The Creator is always greater than His creation.
      1. Ephesians 3:20, KJV, AMP
        1. Synonyms for greater: supersedes, overrides, out do, out rank, surpass, takes precedent of, superior to, greater than, ahead of, eclipses, out performs
        2. What can you dare ask for from God?
        3. Blind Bartimaeus dared to ask God for sight.  (Scripture reference – St. Mark 10)
      2. Isaiah 40:12
        1. God measured out all the earth’s water in the hollow (the center of a man’s hand) of His hand.
        2. Notable comparison: man can only hold 2 teaspoons of water in the hollow of his hand.
        3. A span of a hand is the distance between the thumb and the small finger.
        4. Notable comparison: Everything in the universe fits in the span of God’s hand.
      3. Isaiah 48:13
        1. Approximately 8 spans measure the height of a man.
        2. Notable comparison:  How big is God if His right hand spans the universe? How greater is He than the natural order of things?
        3. You become fearless when you understand how big God is.
        4. Everything in the earth responds to what God said (because He made it).
        5. The Red Sea submitted to the authority of God.
      4. I Kings 8:27
      5. Acts 7:47-50

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