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Confessions for Our Pastor & Ministry

Confessions for Our Pastor & Ministry

We declare in the name of Jesus that the Spirit of the Lord is upon Pastor George M. Matthews II; therefore, he has the strength and the anointing to carry out his purpose and
assignment. The enemy shall not outwit him, nor can any wickedness afflict him. Pastor Matthews gives himself freely to the work of the Lord, carrying out the great
commission to go and teach all nations.

Because Pastor Matthews operates boldly in the authority of Jesus’ name, signs and wonders follow. In every service, seminar and conference, people are being saved and filled
with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Matthews lays hands on the sick and they recover; he casts out devils and they must flee. Like King Solomon, men from all nations seek to hear the
wisdom and exceedingly great understanding God has given Pastor Matthews. His fame is in all the nations.

Nothing by any means shall cause Pastor Matthews pain. He is joyful, he is happy, he is prosperous, he operates in the fullness of God; nothing is needed, wanted, missing,
lacking or broken in his life.

Pastor Matthews is a good shepherd leading us to “the good life”. His words keep us well spiritually. He regularly hears from the other realm. Each time he opens his mouth, he
speaks to our spiritual condition; teaching us to assess this physical, limited realm through the filter of heaven. We live heaven while in the earth.

We thank you Father that Pastor Matthews, his family, George Matthews Ministries, and New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc., needs are meet according to Your riches in glory.
All things are now made ready for them/us to richly and freely enjoy.

We thank you Father that family members, friends and associates are coming to New Life Interfaith Ministries from the north, south, east and west to hear one Word that will put
them on the path to experience the abundant life.

We thank you Father that as the 5000 come, you give us a wise and understanding heart to care for, nurture and develop Your people as they fulfill their Kingdom assignment.
Our tongue is as the pen of a ready writer; our winsome speech increase learning; grace is poured unto our lips; we skillfully draw out the potential and purpose of each member
You set in this body.

You said in your Word that you will multiply them and they will not be few and You will also glorify them and they will not be small. We thank You for the increase now.
Father, let these words be nigh unto You day and night that You may maintain our righteous cause at all times.


(c)2012 New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc.