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Confessions For Employment & Business

Confessions for Employment & Business

Father, I know You have given me work in the earth as an assignment to display the skill, talents, gifts and abilities You have placed within me.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Your handiwork created me; therefore I work. I am anointed to perform tasks beyond the traditionally excepted limits and restrictions.  I work as unto You and not only unto men.
 Men are my earthly supervisors and as I work to please You, increase, promotions and advancements are given to me, doors of opportunities are opened for me. My path is as the
just which shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day.
The Holy Spirit is my partner in all my life’s affairs; therefore I am an invaluable asset in all my undertakings, and business affairs. I see more than my natural eyes can capture. I
understand complicated business concepts and am able to make them simple for others to perceive.  I am sought after regarding my work and compensated not by my work only
but my seed governs my increase.
Employers and business owners are aware of my diligence, ingenuity, discretion, zeal, skill and effective personality, and therefore lucrative opportunities come my way.  I
glorify you Father in all my work, therefore, downsizing, rightsizing, this present economy or things to come, will never be able to negatively affect my income and increase.  Enemies to my placement at work will not affect me, because my promotion comes from You. I am not a time waster but am very productive; I am not a waster of the resources You have placed in my control, therefore I am a candidate for increase.  I work as an owner and proper manager and not as someone who only seeks to receive a paycheck.
My heart is right before you, Lord; therefore You have obligated Yourself to bring me into the company of the people I need to know, who possess the resources and influence I
need to arrive at the place of the Blessing.  I confess I’m in my wealthy place as I submit my work to You for approval and bounty.
I make consistent changes for the better.  My mind is open for the complete revelation of the plan of God and destiny for my life; and my daily movements are choreographed and
in synchronization with the timing and placement of the Holy Spirit as He directs my path toward success and fruitfulness in every area of my life.
My lips shall praise You all the days of my life.  Amen!(c)2012 New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc.