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Confessions for The President

Join us as we confess the Word of God over President Obama’s life on the first week of each month.


The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way. Thank you Father for giving President Obama a wise and understanding heart so that he knows how to begin and finish, how to govern the people well, and to know the difference between right and wrong. Thank you for giving him understanding of the times and seasons; therefore, he knows what the United States is to do. President Obama is guided by the skillfulness of God’s hand.
[1 King 3:9, 1 Chr. 16:32, Ps. 78:72 KJV, AMP, NLT]

Monday- Character

Integrity and uprightness preserve and guide President Obama. His yes is yes and his no is no. He turns not to the right hand nor to the left, his foot is removed from evil. As he walks in his integrity, Father we thank you that his feet are like the hinds’ feet [firm and able]; and sets him and this nation secure and confident upon the heights. [2 Samuel 22:34, Ps. 25:21, Pro. 11:3, 20:7. 4:27, James 5:12 KJV, AMP]

Tuesday- Physical Strength and Ability

President Obama seeks the LORD and His strength; therefore, President Obama is not as one who becomes weak and tired and falls in exhaustion. He trusts in the LORD and finds new strength. He soars high on wings like eagles. He runs and does not grow weary. He walks and does not faint. God has given him physical and mental strength and ability, and makes his way perfect. [1 CH 16:11, Isaiah 40:30-31 NLT, AMP Luke 10:19, 2 Samuel 22:33]

Wednesday- Family

Father as You were with Moses, so You are with President Obama and his family. You will not fail them, nor forsake them. You keep them in perfect peace. [Joshua 1:5, Isaiah 26:3 KJV]

Thursday- Official Cabinet Members

Father we thank you that the Cabinet Members all speak the same thing, and there is no division among them. They are perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same judgment. They walk together in agreement. Their hearts are in God’s hand, and He’s turning their hearts the way He pleases. [Prov. 21:1, Amos 3:3, 1 Cor. 1:10 KJV]

Friday- Personal Relationship with God

President Obama makes the Most High his dwelling place. He lets the Word of Christ dwell in him richly in all wisdom. Father, thank you for giving President Obama the tongue of the learned. He knows how to speak a word in season to the nations. Father, continue to make his ways prosperous as he seeks You.
[Ps. 91:9, Col. 3:16, Isaiah 50:4, 2 Chr. 26:5, NIV, KLV]

Saturday- Protection from Enemies

The enemies are confounded and put to shame who seek after President Obama and this nation; all that devise our hurt are turned back and brought to confusion. Their devices are disappointed, and their hands cannot perform their enterprise. No weapon formed, be it internal or external, shall be able to prosper against President Obama or this nation. Father we thank you that as the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about the President and this nation now and forever. For the Lord our God has given this nation and the President Obama rest on every side, so that there is neither adversary nor evil occurrences. Leaders of the nations shall be at peace with him, and there shall be peace and truth all the days of his administration.
[Isaiah 39:8, Psalm 35:4, 125:2, Job 5:12, 1King 5:4, Job 5:23 KJV]

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