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01/25/12 – “The Integrity of the Word” VII – The Word Takes the Place of the Unseen


Wednesday in the Word

January 25, 2012


The Integrity of the Word VII

(The Word Takes the Place of the Unseen)


  1. James 1:22
    1. Doers are those who act on the message from the Word that was heard.  This is the revelatory power of the Word.
    2. Revelation knowledge is the voice behind the Word (the message that is still ministering to you on a personal level long after the Word is heard).
    3. The power of God is released once you begin to do the Word which was heard.
  2. Romans 2:13


  1.         I.          The Word takes the place of the unseen
    1. The word of God takes the place of the unseen and then produces that which can be seen.
      1. The word of God is the “thing” that you hold on to until the “thing” you are believing for manifest.
      2. Hebrews 11:1-3 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
        1. Faith causes you to “obtain” the God-class life.  In other words, faith is the obtaining power of God.  (verse 2)
        2. For example, you may start off on the other side of obtaining (that side that is contrary to the promises of God) and through faith you progress to the other side of obtaining (the side of manifestation).
        3. There is a dimension where things exist that your senses cannot pick up.  (verse 1, AMP)
  • What is faith?
  1. Romans 10:17
    1. Because of your sheep nature, if you are not hearing the Word on a regular basis you will stray back to the natural; therefore, the ways of God must be learned.
    2. St. Matthew 11:28-29
    3. It’s not natural to walk by faith after being born again.
    4. Trusting God for your daily provisions; the paying of tithes and the giving of offerings and first fruits are all learned behavior.
    5. Faith is synonymous with the word of God.
      1. Faith or the word of God is the spiritual substance until the natural substance manifest. (verse 1, KJV)
        1. Substance is a force.
        2. Force is an influence on a body or system, producing or tending to produce change and movement, shapes and other effects.   In other words, God’s word influences systems and can change the direction of something (for example, from death to life, from poverty to prosperity).
          1. Job 3:25-26
            1. Faith and fear are both forces.
            2. Job was absorbed with fear and the force of fear was set in motion and manifested in his life.
            3. When you are in faith you are consumed by the word of God; when you are in fear, you are consumed by your thoughts or the carnal mind.
            4. Romans 8:5-7
              1. Focusing on the natural dimension or the 5 physical senses is fleshy and leads to death [of your vision].  (verses 5-6)
              2. Your mind is an enemy to the other dimension of the spirit; therefore, your mind must be converted to think like God.  (verse 7)
            5. Faith or the word of God is the title deed when the reality of the Word is questioned.  (verse 1, AMP)
    6. The Word produces that which can be seen.
      1. St. Matthew 14:22-32
        1. Jesus was able to walk on the sea because He had control of the natural elements.  (verse 25)
        2. The Word works in contrary as well as calm situations. (verse 25)
        3. Jesus’ word or instructions to Peter “to come” released a force on a body [of water] to change its natural quality enabling Peter to walk on the water.  (verse 29)
        4. There is a provision in the Word for even your mistakes.  (verse 30)
        5. Jeremiah 23:29
          1. God’s word becomes literal things – fire and a hammer.
          2. God’s word not only describes but the Word becomes what you need.
          3. Like is defined in the Bible as…on one side is one thing but the other side is something else; the manner of or the quality of.
          4. II Corinthians 10:4
            1. The word of God becomes a weapon.
          5. Ephesians 3:20 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
            1. When God created the universe in Genesis 1, He spoke light that was transferred from His realm to the earth.
            2. In other words, the earth should not limit your thinking.
            3. Although you can only ask for what you have seen in the natural realm, but outside the earth realm there are things you have never seen before that can be produced by the Word.
            4. For example, God made Jesus from the spoken Word.  His word became a human being.
            5. You have the liberty to create with words without any restrictions.


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