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Super Sunday

Dear gracious NLIM partner,

This new year has come in with much excitement and expectation of God’s manifested goodness!  His favor and your committed membership (partnership) with New Life Interfaith Ministries has made many victories possible.  It is for your role in every undertaking, we wish to express a profound “thank you”.

Our ministry has literally spanned 25 years this past January (2018); praise God!  During this time we have witnessed the goodness of our great God. As it is in life, so it is in anything, there are and have been challenges, but God’s grace is always greater!  There are things we, as a congregation are still believing to receive. We will wait and hope for and in the Lord (His goodness).  Remember, the word “hope” in the Greek New Testament, means “a joyful and confident expectation of future good”.  We believe the future for our lives together is rich and bountiful with blessings. You are encouraged to put this on your lips and confess the same!  “The Battle is the Lord’s!”

As some of you know by now, 2018 is a year of progression for our church and your life as well.  The Spirit of God has shown Pastor Matthews that moving out on God’s word will bring on His help and assistance to accomplish great things.  The “movement” in which all ministry partners have been asked to participate is in financially supporting the vision of this ministry with and “additional” gift of $250 on four quarterly Super Sundays.  All generous supporters may wish to make their representation on that Sunday, or additionally supplement their typical giving during the months between these designated Super Sunday’s or give their one-time gift at any time.

Please note, the Lord instructed Pastor Matthews to ask everyone to “believe Him for provision and He will help us”.  We believe this will be His opportunity to prove His strength as we unify our faith towards our corporate and personal goals.  The major things our ministry is collectively giving to achieve are as follows:

(4) Super Sundays – March 25; June 24; September 30; December 16
*Every member purposes to give a minimum of $250 (donate all at once on that Sunday, or break it up during the quarter)

  1. To complete the purchase, demolition, paving & fencing on the New Life Center of Excellence property ($14,000 to purchase existing homes; $10,000 to abate and demolish; $20,000 to fence & pave the parking area).
  2. $350,000 to complete phase two of the New Life Center of Excellence (a multi-purpose facility constructed in 2007).
  3. $50,000 to purchase the last building on the 1600 block of Carolina Avenue.
  4. $20,000 to replace/upgrade the ministry’s phone (VOIP) system.
  5. $35,000 to comply with an FCC mandatory replacement of all wireless microphone systems.
  6. Pay-off existing ministry debt.
  7. Begin initial down payment for demo & construction of Carolina Education & Business Incubation Center project (estimated at $2-$3 million)

Will you help make the difference?  Will you help New Life Interfaith Ministries continue to build the Kingdom of God for His glory!?