by Editorial Staff


The first major investment a person can make towards financial freedom is to learn. That’s why we have put together a seminar to assist you in learning how to make good financial decisions, and start your journey toward financial freedom.  Join us January 30 through February 3 for the 2023 Virtual Financial Checkup Seminar.  This seminar will stream daily at 12:00 Noon, via our social media outlets.

Topics will include:

  • What’s in my Pocket?  –  Building Your Budget
  • Am I Covered?  –  What Are My Insurance Needs?
  • Can I Recover?  –  Overcoming Bankruptcy, Bad Credit, Etc.
  • Is Home Ownership Right for Me?  –  Should I Purchase A Home?
  • Putting Your Money to Work for You  –  Increasing Your Net Worth Through Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Etc.

Join Us on Facebook & YouTube Monday – Friday, January 30th – February 3rd @ 12 Noon!