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“For a dream comes through much activity ” Ecclesiastes 5:3

BLACK RESISTANCE : A Journey for Equality
National Museum African American History and Culture

Association for the Study of African American Life and History ([ASALH] February 1 – February 28, 2023

MISSION: This Project Focuses on Celebrating, Emphasizing, Uplifting, and Preserving Your Family History , Life, and Legacy
GOAL: To inform. To Inspire. To Ignite

In celebration of Black History Month aka African American History Month 2023, you are invited to get involved and actively participate by first researching, developing, and sharing your family tree beginning with yourself. This will serve as the initial stage in defining your family’s life and legacy.
It’s important to know from where you come. Look back to gain information, inspiration, and strength!

• Honor Who You ARE By Honoring From Where YOU Have Come.
• Preserve your family heritage. Each family has an unique heritage.
• Elevate Your Family History
• Preserve and pass on for future generations
• Identify the “Wings Beneath Your Wings”

Part 1. Family Tree – My Story – My Family History
1. Complete Family Tree Graphic Organizer
2. Obtain copy from Information Center
3. Use birth records, licenses, oral history, census records, death certificates,,, etc.

Part 2 Oral History – Storytelling
Get with your family and share stories (storytelling)
1. Interview the older Members of the Family, include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, other

2. If you do not capture this knowledge now, this unique information may not be available from any other person later once the person has passed on.

3. What was the person like? How did they move? How did they talk? Special memories. See


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